Social Media Expert

Sharon has experience and can speak on the following aspects of social media strategy and engagement:

  • Social media platforms overview
  • Social media management
  • Online reputation management
  • Social media branding
  • Social media strategy
  • Monitoring/tracking
  • Employee social media policies
  • Blogging

Sharon’s weekly blog Bullseye for NineMSN finance achieves over 60,000 views every week and she was voted one of the top 25 business bloggers in Australia in 2011 by Smart Company. View Sharon’s blog here.

Facing a changing mediascape, Sharon founded and leads the ‘Not Just Another Social Media Seminar’ series. The seminar is dedicated to addressing the implications of online tools for business and answers all the questions on social media strategies, risk and reward.

She also wrote and created the award winning TaurusEngage (add trademark) which is the Taurus approach to social media engagement and strategy.

Sharon has helped create and develop social media strategies for renowned Multinational Corporations and their leadership teams. Her expertise in the field has made her the ‘go to’ person for companies expanding their social media output to reach and connect with customers who were previously unreachable.

Her international business knowledge and experience as CEO and founder of her own business, Taurus, means she understands all aspects of running a business. This includes starting a business from scratch, the challenges in growing a business, managing staff, managing finances and cash flow and operational outsourcing. Sharon’s insight into how to connect with customers and prospects who are regular users of social media platforms is pragmatic and award winning.

The Digital Resume

As a corporate, leader, individual, parent or teenager, our personal brand is being potentially discussed, reviewed and communicated online through social networks. This means it is important to take responsibility for your online personal brand. A strategic and more structured, rather than adhoc approach to your online personal reputation is a ‘must do’ rather than a ‘nice to have.’

The influence of new and emerging social media platforms, means your image and expertise is exposed on a global scale with immediate consequences. It has never been more important to define, protect and differentiate.