2017 Advance Global Australian of the Year Awards

A really stunning night last Tuesday at the 2017 Advance Global Australian of the Year Awards courtesy of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. From those who have introduced café culture to China, to those who harness the power of artificial intelligence, the room was filled with high-achieving Australians and alumni gathered from all around the world and a local ‘’who’s who’’ list of dignitaries including Julie Bishop, foreign Minister, Mike Cannon Brookes, David Mortimer, Carla Zampatti and more. Highlights include catching up with gorgeous friend, Shark Tank investor and founder of RedBalloon, Naomi Simson and her Redii.com business partner Andrea Culligan. Here we are with Dr. Catriona Wallace, CEO and founder of Flamingo AI the winner in the industry category through her work with AI and mother of 5! Jeremy Balkin, Head of Innovation for HSBC USA was deemed the overall winner of 2017 who is a leading expert in ethics in banking, fintech and the strategic engagement of millennials in financial services, he embodies the perfect example of a ‘Born Global’ Australian. On the topic of being ‘born global’, I realise that there is a staggering amount of youth falling under this category. With artificial intelligence slowly making its way into our everyday routines, we see youngsters everywhere developing magical ideas and machines that no one would have thought of 10 years ago. Start-ups continue to pop up; almost so fast that ‘’Bladerunner’’ seems nearer all the time. Humbling to see these game-changers in action. Huge congratulations to all the winners of the night! I truly believe that their work will contribute majorly to the future of Australia and businesses worldwide.