Sharon Williams on The Carousel’s Game Changers

When it comes to branding and marketing, Sarah Harris discovers Sharon Williams to be an inspiring Game Changer in every sense of the term.

Listen to Sarah Harris and Sharon Williams talk about her life as a game changer below!


From humble beginnings in her Sydney living room 21 years ago, London-born Sharon has grown Taurus Marketing into a pioneering powerhouse revered for its practical ‘No Bull’ approach.

The mother-of-three’s many notable firsts at Taurus include:

  • First PR agency to trademark products TaurusEngage™ and TaurusProfile™
  • First agency to coin the phrase personal branding and create a trademarked process around it TaurusProfile™
  • First agency to really drive the integrated marketing offering with a methodology including measurable KPI’s – called TaurusBullseye™
  • Championed mums in the workforce before it became ‘fashionable’ and more mainstream
  • Championed flexible work practices before it was ‘fashionable’ and more mainstream
  • Was a start up business that had a formal graduate program from the beginning called TaurusFastTrack©
  • Fast-tracked graduates into their own entrepreneurial businesses and found them funding
  • Worked with tech start-ups and coined terms way before the current tech start-up trend
  • First agency owner to build her own personal brand to grow her business