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NineMSN: Rudd uses social media to steal the polls

The election story breaks each day with new excitement and the addictive qualities of a bad reality TV soap opera. Yesterday it was the Bold and the Beautiful, today it is the Day Of Our Lives, … [Read more...]

The Australian Twitterati column – Likable KRudd posting for bigger endgame

Kevin Rudd is using Twitter to re-build his brand. With more Twitter followers than any politician in Australia, he is building influence on social media sites strategically and cleverly. Watch this … [Read more...]

B&T asked for my 2 cents on social media

Social media is increasingly directing brand presence whether it is your own personal brand, company or product brand. It is becoming a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have – even for B2B … [Read more...]

Snapped in The Sun Herald

Delighted to support maestro jeweller and client Stefano Canturi launch his drawings and artworks at Micks gallery. … [Read more...]

NineMSN: Lessons from Baywatch senior

Why Surf Life Saving leadership lessons from my Silver Medallion beach management course reflect my life                                                          Last weekend I spent a day and a … [Read more...]

NineMSN: Floods, fires, back to school and election date – it’s all happening in the Year of the Snake

I’ve just been lucky enough to have a month off, my business plan is written and I am back at work raring to go in this soon to be Year of the Snake.  This year promises to be tough - but open to … [Read more...]