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Why the tobacco court fight is like The Castle

20/04/2012 I've just left the High Court in Canberra after being fortunate enough to sit in on day three of the tobacco industry versus the Australian Federal Government (the Commonwealth) Plain … [Read more...]

What does the carbon tax mean to us? Is it the new ‘green tape’?

12/04/2012 The Carbon Tax comes into effect on 1st July this year and has been set at a $23 per tonne carbon emissions tax for the nation’s Top 500 polluters. The negative groundswell is rising and … [Read more...]

Cutting your cloth with competence – adapting to the times

11/04/2012 I went to the QBE Insurance AGM yesterday in Sydney and listened with personal and professional admiration to how a highly experienced international Board had worked their way through the … [Read more...]