Archives for March 2012

When it’s time to go – the time to call enough

30/03/2012 Sometimes the writing is on the wall and there are no if’s and buts. It’s time for change and there is nothing you can do about it. So how do you maintain grace in a time when you’ve made … [Read more...]

Delegate or frustrate? The art of getting things done

23/03/2012 If you are frustrated by things not getting done around you to your liking – take a good look at yourself this week, the fault could lie with you. I am reviewing my own delegation style at … [Read more...]

How to promote yourself without being a jerk – could you be a living treasure?

15/03/2012: I’ve just arrived from one of my series of sessions on ‘online personal brand’ with an independent school in Sydney city. I’m working with Year 12’s teaching them to take responsibility … [Read more...]

How to inspire — what’s your story and how are others inspired by you?

02/03/2012: Today I’ve heard the inspirational stories of a man born with no arms, the live broadcast of the Burmese heroine on home arrest and genuine, unassuming cyber freedom fighters who helped … [Read more...]