Archives for December 2011

An evening with the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network

19/12/2011: I recently spent a very enjoyable evening with a number of influential women at the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) with the wonderful city views from the Sydney Tower. Michael … [Read more...]

Avoiding the Christmas ‘virus’ for teens and employers

16/12/2011: My teenage daughters are just discussing the latest news from their social media sites — their formals, leaving do's and school year end parties — and it made pretty enlightening listening … [Read more...]

Christmas shopping with a little help from QR codes – 2012 will be the year of retail innovation on steroids

8/12/2011: Whoa we have another interest rate cut just in time to give our Christmas shopping a boost. Good news! Talking of shopping, is anyone else seeing a period of innovation on steroids? Buy … [Read more...]

And so this is Christmas? Another year over and a new year just began — with only 4 degrees of separation not 6!

02/12/11: As we get closer to the silly season, it’s official (at least according to Facebook!) we now have only 4 degrees of separation from each other, not six. So the world is getting smaller and … [Read more...]